Saturday, November 27, 2010

the end of an era

It's a little hard to say this, but I'm finally giving up on a dream. Granted the dream was only to own those incredibly cool Ann D. laced up booties, but still....
First I missed them when Ann D. did them a year (maybe more now?) ago, then I managed to find them online at Saks, but have been waiting all this time for them to go on sale. Sadly, this particular pair hasn't gone on sale (everything else has though if you're looking out for some Ann D. goodness) and now my size is gone too. They've still got a 37.5 but at full price and almost US$1k, it seems a bit much to swallow. I've just resigned myself to the fact that it's just not meant to be. *sniff*

I might have a moment of silence though....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

grab it quick!

One of my favourite jewellery designers is having a pre-Christmas sale! 25% off everything in her store (code:'HAPPYHOLIDAYS2010') - so don't say I never share my secrets. Abigail doesn't have many sales so this is a great chance to grab something for that special someone for Christmas. Even better, if you buy during this sale, she's guaranteed that the items will arrive in time for christmas. Even if you're overseas!

Everything is hand made personally by Abigail and she is an absolute sweetheart so you should really head on over to the sale as quickly as you can. The offer runs til midnight on Sunday (think this is midnight GMT) but don't leave things too late!

my hands are shaking

... cos it's Black Friday again! Not that you'd notice looking around Singapore, but it's the biggest shopping event of the year in the US! And thanks to the wonders of online shopping, we can get in on it too. Shopbop is doing 20% off a whole bunch of new stuff plus they're adding an incentive by giving more discounts if you spend over a certain amount.
I'm sorely tempted by that velvetine hobo I posted about a while ago, but at $600 after discount it's not quite tempting enough. Anyway, I've got presents to buy!
Just about everyone in the US is on sale this weekend so happy shopping everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

time for a change?

I'm loving Emma Watson's new crop! Makes me wondering if I should go for a crop too? but then again my hair always ends up standing straight up when it's short so might not work.... Still, it would definitely be more affordable than trying to get a customised Burberry coat no?

Monday, November 22, 2010

sorry sorry....

...for the long hiatus. Haven't been feeling particularly inspired of late. Strangely enough though, that seems to have coincided nonetheless with a hellavalot of actual shopping! Maybe I was on to something when I said this blog might be a shopping substitute!

Run: Swiftly Long Sleeve top
Anyway, I finally got my hands on the lulu Flow and Go top which is just as cool in real life as it looks in the pic! Now I ended up getting it a couple of sizes too big but hey, it was on sale (and they were out of my size everywhere). Also picked up a Power Y top for yoga while in the HK store. We really need a lulu store here!! Pure Yoga marks up the prices waaaay too much! Even in HK, I saw the Dash Pullover at Pure for HKD100 more than the same top at the Lulu store! What a ripoff! Anyway, ended up getting a couple of mesh headbands, the Dash Pullover and the Swiftly Long Sleeve tee from the online store cos they didn't have my size at the HK store. I guess that's the one drawback of shopping in Asia. Even in NYC I could find stuff in my size on the sales rack. No chance in Asia!

Run: Dash Pullover

Flow and Go (front)

Flow and Go (back)
but mine is in a much cooler colour :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

still crazy after all these years

I just can't help it. Notwithstanding it's sweltering out here, this time of year just has me thinking about sweaters, coats and high boots.

rick owens boots - sadly sold out in like 5 min on outnet. Can't say I'm surprised.

always the way

After much googling and bemoaning the lack of stockists and sales, I finally caved and bought the Dunlin Lafayette bag in black. Shiho from Dunlin couldn't be lovelier to deal with and sent the bags (mine and a friend's) super quick! Only of course shortly after I receive it, I get an ebay alert telling me there's one available on ebay. And this after I had searched and searched everywhere for one for cheap(er)!

so um... now I've got 2 bags.

And I gotta tell you, they are seriously fabulous. The leather is so wonderfully smooshy and soft and has that great leather smell y'know? heh...