Monday, November 22, 2010

sorry sorry....

...for the long hiatus. Haven't been feeling particularly inspired of late. Strangely enough though, that seems to have coincided nonetheless with a hellavalot of actual shopping! Maybe I was on to something when I said this blog might be a shopping substitute!

Run: Swiftly Long Sleeve top
Anyway, I finally got my hands on the lulu Flow and Go top which is just as cool in real life as it looks in the pic! Now I ended up getting it a couple of sizes too big but hey, it was on sale (and they were out of my size everywhere). Also picked up a Power Y top for yoga while in the HK store. We really need a lulu store here!! Pure Yoga marks up the prices waaaay too much! Even in HK, I saw the Dash Pullover at Pure for HKD100 more than the same top at the Lulu store! What a ripoff! Anyway, ended up getting a couple of mesh headbands, the Dash Pullover and the Swiftly Long Sleeve tee from the online store cos they didn't have my size at the HK store. I guess that's the one drawback of shopping in Asia. Even in NYC I could find stuff in my size on the sales rack. No chance in Asia!

Run: Dash Pullover

Flow and Go (front)

Flow and Go (back)
but mine is in a much cooler colour :)

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