Sunday, October 10, 2010

time warp - Dunlin

I read about Dunlin years ago in US vogue and was seriously obsessed for a while... unfortunately my budget couldn't handle it so I put it out of my mind eventually (I bet this story is starting to sound familiar... what can I say, this happens to me a lot). Anyway, fast forward to last week when I saw Dunlin featured in a blog post somewhere and the love just came crashing back full force! I guess I should just count myself lucky that this has never happened with exes or anything like that :p

Anyway, now just to decide if I should get the medium Lafayette tote or the larger Weekender size. I'm kicking myself for not remembering to check out their store in NYC when I was there in the summer! Can you say summer sales? (not to mention that I'd missed out on some truly amazing deals end of last year - some people picked up the medium lafayettes at 50% off! Sadly those stores don't seem to carry Dunlin anymore... If I could find more online stockists maybe I'd wait).

Medium Lafayette tote in grey

Medium Lafayette tote in black

Lafayette Weelender in Cream


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