Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 wishlist

I was planning to do a 2010 retrospective of significant/favourite purchases but got too scared once I started compiling the list (also I'm still in NZ and all my stuff is at home). In the meantime though as part of my attempt to be more curatorial in my approach to shopping, here's my current wishlist for 2011:

Repossi ring
I first saw this on Garance Dore and just fell in love. I absolutely love Gaia Repossi's style and her designs are absolutely stunning, but at more than EUR5k, it might just be a pipe dream for now.


After all the vacillation last year, I think I might just bite the bullet and get the bag this year. As with Chanel, the price just keeps going up so it's only going to get worse. It helped also to finally try on the smaller size. Turns out (IMO) that the bag doesn't work quite as well in the petit version.
Celine Bag?
still undecided about whether to take the plunge and add a Celine to my bag collection. E's luggage tote is just gorgeous, but I'm not sure I can pull it off (and also, the fact that it looks that good on her doesn't bode well for it looking good on me as per usual :p). Then there's the classic box shoulder bag which I love, but the price just seems so excessive for what it is! Of course you never know, 2011 could have a whole bevy of new lustworthy designs!

And last (for now) but not least: YSL Tribtoo pumps

I'm currently going through a phase of wanting to get classics that I'm going to love forever and these definitely fall into that category (though I will admit to being slightly tempted by the horsehair version!) Now just wondering how I can get my hands on them for cheaper.... might have to wrangle a trip to Paris! :)

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