Friday, January 7, 2011

love and other things

the rosary necklace take 2 (for me at least). I'm thinking this might be the year to get my hands on more pamela love. Have been looking around for a rosary alternative though, and maybe I'll end up getting a cheaper alternative somewhere. still, at US$207, this is vaguely affordable for her stuff. Might also consider getting a talon necklace, but given that there are some lovely alternatives on etsy these days, I might go that route instead for that at least.
Another designer with a similar bent whom I discovered recently is Julia de Ville. She's apparently been doing the taxidermy jewellery thing for ages, but being based in NZ (and now in Aust) her work hasn't garnered the same kind of press that people like Pamela Love's have. I'm also guessing that the fact that her main stockist outside Aust/NZ is Coco de Mer doesn't necessarily help. They're not exactly the first place you're going to be looking for cutting edge jewellery! Her pieces are definitely work a look though if you like this kind of thing. While some of her pieces are a little too much on the taxidermy end of things for me (um, like the shoulder piece above), I did see a lovely onxy necklace with a skull charm at a store in downtown Auckland which I absolutely loved. Couldn't find a picture of it online, but her website has a bunch of wonderful pieces as well.

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