Thursday, January 27, 2011

poor neglected blog

I've been feeling terribly uninspired recently, and completely swamped (which is probably not unrelated) hence the lack of posts. Still.... I've recently discovered a whole raft of things which I'm super excited about!

First up is new (to me) site The Coveted. Why have I never heard of this site before??? It's just ridiculously fabulous! You know how magazines do those little one pager stories where they ask someone to tell you about their favourite things... well I love those! And this site is like that but so much better cos the people featured about really write about the things they've picked and it's more than a miserable one liner. And of course I say people but what they really are is that special breed of fashion insider with the most amazing closets and fantastic taste...colour me jealous!

pc: thecoveted

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