Monday, September 13, 2010

love is a knife in the heart

or it is if you're Pamela Love at least. I can't entirely figure out the attraction of her tough-chic pieces for me, but nonetheless I'm smitten.

here's one of her new pieces which is surprisingly wearable (um... the one on top, not so much, but I guess if you were just post-breakup and wanted the world to know...). I really like it paired with another longer necklace or two.
Now this I've been eyeing for some time now... an anatomical heart locket. I'll be honest here- I have tried to find a cheaper alternative cos this is seriously expensive, but no luck. Nothing even comes close. All the others just look cheap somehow... So if this ever goes on serious sale, I'm going to be all over it.

I might conceivably get this someday. Not quite as expensive as most of her other pieces and because of the long length, quite wearable. As with the heart locket, I have thought about and actually looked for cheaper alternatives, but haven't really found anything I really liked. I guess that's the thing about Pamela Love's pieces. There's something about the execution of the pieces that sets them apart from the imitations. Now if only she wasn't so expensive!

This has to be Pamela Love's most famous piece - the talon cuff. Worn by hosts of celebs, most notable Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, who modelled while wearing this in a recent Gap campaign. That of course added to the frenzy (and the price) and the price of one of these has climbed from $600 to almost $1200 now. Who knows if it's actually possible for it to go higher? I guess moral of the story is to nab one of these babies now if you want one. Wonder where that leaves me? I've been wanting one for ages but can't quite bring myself to pay that much for it.... Ironic when you think about some of the other things I've thought about buying though!

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