Friday, September 3, 2010

Shirt tales

Much as I'd love to deny it, I'm a marketeer's dream. I can see an item and be ho-hum about it and then a blogger I admire or a friend gets excited about the same item and suddenly I can't think how I lived without it.

Case in point (actually two cases): denim and silk shirts (no, not together silly!)

I'm not a big fan of the whole denim on denim trend, but I have to admit it's still got to me a bit. So much so that I'm seriously considering getting this tunic from Gap (yes, them again... what can I say, I'm going through a phase and they're cheapish). Thoughts? Too many details? Anyway, I might wait til this hits the stores here to try it before I commit.

This was another potential option but the styling is leaving me completely underwhelmed. It's a sad day when the NAP styling looks less appealling than Gap.
Going higher end, I've been reading about silk shirts at The Row more or less since the label launched, but there's no way I could afford something from that line unless I suddenly became seriously minted overnight. Then today I read this post from garance which totally sold me on the idea of a blush silk shirt from Equipment. Funnily enough it's one of those brands that I've hear of but never really paid particular attention to. Who knew that they had the (potentially) perfect shirt all along? So the question now is, do I buy now and get the colour I want or wait for the sale and risk not being able to get my size? In fact, my favourite in Nude is already down to only medium sizes which is a real pain. Trying to figure out if I might be able to get away with that or if it'll just look way too big?
Equipment Signature washed silk shirt in Taupe

Equipment Signature Washed Silk Shirt in Rock

Equipment Signature Washed Silk Shirt in Nude

Equipment Classic Washed Silk Shirt in Blue

On a side note, I'm constantly amazed at shopbop's product turnaround. Even at 30% off, people are snapping up things that at other stores end up going up to 50 or even 70% off! The free shipping (even international) does help a lot though. All things being equal, I'd get something from them rather than somewhere else to get the free shipping!

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