Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why is nude so big for fall?? not that I'm complaining... I'm one of the screaming hordes too unfortunately. Notwithstanding the huge range of pieces out there, it's been hellishly difficult to find a silk shirt in a nude hue.

I'd posted previously about my search for an Equipment shirt, and had finally decided to pass on the discounted one from Nordstrom on the basis that what I really wanted was the nude colour so that's what I should get. Of course there were none to be found. A strangely small number of online stores even stocked the colour and Every. Single. One. Of. Them. was out of stock. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered on a random check of shopbop a couple of days ago that they had actually brought them in! And since I'd been so miraculously quick to discover them, they still had all the sizes. I had a dilemma about which style to get (hard to tell from the pics or description what difference in fit really is - Note to shopbop: your item descriptions need work. Also more measurements would be good) so solved that by just ordering both :) While they don't offer free international returns, I can't really complain seeing as shipping out is free and I'll only return one of the shirts (I hope).

So here are the two I ordered... guess we'll have to wait til they arrive to decide which is better... any preliminary thoughts are welcome though.

As far as I can tell, the Classic is cut slightly slimmer then the Signature. But I'm drawing those conclusions purely from the pictures and the fact that the Signature has a box pleat at the back. No way to tell for sure til they turn up. Also from the pics, the shirs look like they're different colours, but both entries say the colour is "nude" and it could just be the lighting, so who's to say? Really hope at least one of them works out well.

Equipment Signature Shirt

Oh and after much pondering, I decided to see if I could track down the Alexa Madewell shirt after all. It seems it's only out of stock in small online, so I called and asked them to see if they could find me one in stores. Hopefully seeing as it's still reasonably early in the launch, they might actually be able to find a piece for me somewhere. Apparently it'll take them 24-48 hours to complete the search though which seems kinda nuts to me... don't they have an inventory system that updates regularly? weird.... still... fingers crossed!

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