Monday, September 20, 2010

note to self

Must. Try. To. Hold. Out. For. SC Bag!

I've been really bad with miscellaneous shopping recently and totally fallen off the wagon when it comes to saving up for an SC bag. So of course, LV then launches a bunch of new colours and a smaller size! le sigh. Still... I'm not that keen on the new colours and not totally convinced I want a smaller size, so guess the quest is still on. In the meantime, I've dregged up every photo I could find that had inspired me in the first place to get this bag. Now just need to decide - Cobalt or Jasper? Or leave it to fate (and stock levels) to decide?

note: um... you might notice that these pics are pretty garance heavy notwithstanding the dozens of celebs pictured with the bag. What can I say? I love her... and somehow the pics with her carrying it just seem more like real life y'know? :)

pc: sartorialist; garance dore; marie clair; mr newton; jak & jil

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