Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wow.... between the launch yesterday of the new Alexa Chung collection and today, a bunch of pieces have already sold out! (so if you were planning to get those striped jeans, sorry but you've missed your chance unless Madewell is planning to restock).

Fortunately most of my favourites are still around, but who knows for how long?

case in point - the only piece I seriously considered getting was this nude silk shirt. the fit looks great, I love the covered placket and the colour is lovely. And evidently everyone else thinks so too! I should have been tipped off by how hard it was to find any of the Equipment silk shirts in nude... oh well. Seeing as I'd just managed to snag 2 Equipment shirts in the same colourway, I thought it best to give it a miss.... now slightly regretting it, but only slightly. If anyone's still interested though, they still have this blouse in brown and a red (which is really quite nice, albeit a tad loud).

I think of this as her Little Lord Flautleroy dress. Really cute but not really me.... E. if you're reading, I could totally see you wearing this :)

Another typical Alexa dress.... they did really well with the styling here (the clogs with tights are so her). I love the whole slightly subversive ladies who lunch vibe here, but not sure I would pull it off with... might end up looking a bit washed out on me I fear.
and finally an Asian model... and wearing the type of sweater I've been thinking of getting for ages... but then I remind myself I'd wear it once a year at the most. sigh. Maybe we really should move to England...

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  1. Ergh YES that dress is absolutely me but it's clearly also absolutely everyone and sold out already! wail...