Friday, August 13, 2010

cease and desist

I'm posting this in the hope that it'll keep me honest (not that that's all that likely but you never know...). So having obsessed over the LV Sofia Coppola bag for ages, I've pretty much decided to get it this year (probably if I can convince someone to help me pick it up in Paris with the tax back!). Of course that comes with a big if - if I can stop spending so much in the mean time!

I thought I would try bolstering my resolve doing a review of the pics that got me obsessed in the first place... strangely, I didn't really get that keen on this bag till quite a while after it'd been launched. I suspect it had something to do with needing to actually see it on someone.... anyway, this pic of garance dore carrying it just blew me away:

and then again when jak and jil snapped her with the bag

there've been a bunch of other photos since then but my lack of bookmarking organisation has meant that I have no idea where I saw them now. But here's a couple of pics from around the time of the launch.... not sure how sofia is managing to carry it like that cos the strap seems too short, but perhaps that was just the prototype. If I could carry it messenger style like that, it would literally be the perfect bag.

strangely, it's kinda nice to be really obsessed about something again. Maybe what the recent NYT article is true - that you're happier when you buy something you've been wanting for a really long time.

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