Sunday, August 22, 2010

non-shopping tally episode #101

Was joking about this the other day then decided maybe it wasn't such a terrible idea after all - I've decided to keep a tally of all the things I seriously consider buying (i.e. would normally have gone ahead and bought) but don't actually buy. I figure come Nov I might have hit the cost of the SC bag, which would make me feel a whole lot better about blowing that much cash on it.

anyway, here's where I've got to so far (in no particular order):

I seriously love this dress. was this close to buying fact I'd actually put it in my cart. But managed to drag myself away in the end. Barely.

shipley & halmos silk chambray print dress (US$139 / S$195 (orig US$425) at

I blame E. for this. If not for her sending that link to those Isabel Marant boots, I'd never have seen this dress. Actually that's a lie... I got the outnet email and saw Vanessa Bruno and Isabel Marant and clicked through immediately *hangs head*. This one though was my favourite.... the others were great, but perhaps a bit too basic for the price.

Isabel Marant Etoile dress (GBP 74.89 / S$173)

No pic for this, but went to the A.P.C. sale at Raffles hotel the other day to look for this mustard dress I'd seen earlier in the season. That was gone, but they had the same dress in navy at 50% off (S$205)! After much deliberation I decided to put it back though (as well as 2 tops I'd tried previously - but I'm not counting those cos they looked kinda weird on me the second time around... still wondering how that happened). I keep trying to tell myself that I don't really need these cos they're not that special and I've got plenty of clothes, but these three at least were a struggle to let go. sigh

anyway, for my pains, I've currently "saved" S$573... which brings me just that little bit closer to the bag :)

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