Friday, August 13, 2010


It's kinda ironic that when I'd first heard about lululemon I was skeptical (yes B, I'm admitting the error of my ways). The website pics were (and still are) underwhelming and I just didn't get what all the fuss was about. I mean the pieces looked reasonable but didn't seem to be anything special in terms of workout clothes. Then I read post after post about their products and every single one was raving about the quality and the fit. Even the ones who were complaining about the ubiquity of the brand and the ridiculously high prices.

So when I was in NYC in July I figured I had to check it out, and ended up leaving with a pile of their pieces. Seriously, you have to try them on to really appreciate them. And I will also say that not all their designs are amazing. Some are actually quite heinous. But the good pieces are just fantastic! For example - I'm not a shorts person. I don't like my legs all that much and frankly most running shorts aren't cut for people with hips like mine so they're usually not very flattering. In contrast the lulu ones cover everything you want them to cover and fit like a dream! Seriously, these are the most flattering running shorts I've ever tried. In fact they might be the most flattering shorts of any kind come to think of it....

i got the charcoal ones on the extreme left

here's my gripe though - they change their product line up all the time! so if you'd bought something you loved, chances are, lots of other people loved it too so there'll be no stock left online so no chance getting another piece. case in point: I'm desperately stalking a cocoon wrap from last season on ebay cos I missed out on it online. Fingers crossed that I'll actually be able to get my hands on it... wish me luck!

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