Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sale googles

well... that's actually a slightly unfair comment. I'm actually really pleased with my purchases from the current Granny's Day Out sale. Granted, things went exactly the way I'd expected (i.e. I ended buying a bunch of things), which is why I was avoiding the sale in the first place, but when A. decides he has to go to Funan for a new printer, what's a girl to do? *wink*

anyway, a few hours later and a bit poorer, here's my loot:
vintage new old stock jewellery

I've been wanting to get some layered chains for ages but couldn't find anything at a price i was willing to pay, so when i saw these at 50% off, I just couldn't resist. One lovely little crystal pendant to layer with the filagree amber piece. Now all I need to do is to top it off with my Dogeared bee and I'm all set!

That was going to be all I bought (plus a lovely green dress that's being altered, so no pics - sorry)... and frankly there's no real excuse for this, but all I can say is A. talked me into it! I was actually willing to walk away from this.. honest! Still... I have been looking for a small bag that'll fit my wallet, phone etc and this was absolutely perfect.

vintage Timberland cross body bag

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