Tuesday, August 10, 2010

girl crush

one of the reasons I bought the recent Elle UK was for their Isabel Marant article. I just LOVE her clothes (and shoes, and accessories...) which is why it was weird that I found the merch in her NY store so underwhelming. Maybe it was that it was mostly warmer stuff so not really right for our weather, or maybe it was just symptomatic of the whole of my trip which was largely disappointing on the shopping front. But when I saw this pic, I just fell in love all over again. Sadly I don't have the legs to pull off the pants she's showing this season, but I love the top she has on in the pic. The thing with her clothes is that most of the pieces aren't standouts per se, they're just amazing basics with a small twist (a bit like my other love Alexander Wang, but more understated) and I think they're the kind of clothes that look okay on the rack, but really transform when you put them on. Now really kicking myself for not trying anything on when I was at the store! As the Elle article said, "It’s a uniform that is just polished enough for the office but never looks contrived". Exactly the look I'm always trying to achieve.

I feel a trip to Paris coming on....

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