Wednesday, August 11, 2010

does the wanting never end?

You would think that with the amount of stuff I have, I couldn't possibly have any gaps left in my wardrobe to fill, and yet each season there's always some new lustworthy item that makes me wish I had a bigger closet/house/won the lottery. Case in point - the new Alexander Wang collection. Believe me, if I could rationalise sweaters in our weather my pre-order list would be a mile long. But we can still dream.....

my favourite by far, though I suspect mostly because this incredibly helpful SA in Saks was wearing something similar and I just LOVED it on her.

And this one just makes me think of being curled up in a leather armchair, in front of a real fire and sipping cocoa.

Last but not least, something I could actually use (especially after mising out on that truly fab Helmut Lang jacket in the last NAP sale - but that's a whole other story). I don't know what the model is so pissed off about, but maybe the whole bolero over jacket is weirder than it looks in this pic.


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