Wednesday, August 11, 2010

released back into the wild

after much soul searching and deliberation, I've decided to let this really flattering Helmut Lang top go. I tried it on months ago at Blackjack, but there was no chance I'd buy it at full price even tho it was seriously slimming. Now at 30% off (plus free shipping - it could be in my hot little hands in 3 days!!), it's quite tempting... especially when Net-a-porter is selling the same piece at full price! Even more shocking, shopbop still has it in my size, but it's the last piece. That's the one good thing about internet shopping I guess - if this had happened in a retail store, the SA telling me "but it's the last piece" while giving me the look would probably have pushed me over the edge. Here in the comfort of my home, and with no looks to weather, it's just that little bit easier to say no.

goodbye lovely top... I hope you'll go to a good home. Hope I'm not going to regret this!

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