Monday, August 23, 2010

non-shopping tally episode #102

Not sure if this really counts as a non-shopping event, since I did buy some things, but here at least is what I didn't buy:

I tried this on in store and it wasn't bad, but at S$89 I wasn't especially tempted. At approximately half the price though, it gets a lot more attractive. Not to mention, it's very comfortable and looks excellent with their new jeggings range (more about that later). Still, I've opted to be virtuous.

2. Gap slim cropped pants US$ 49.50 / S$69.30 (less 20%)

I've posted about these before, and was thinking of maybe getting a second pair to have as a proper cropped version (seeing as these actually come to my ankles). Impressively, the Gap stores here seem to have completely sold out of these and they're backordered online! The main temptation stems from this 20% off coupon I found online though. With that, even including shipping, it would still cost S$20 less than the $99 the stores here are charging. Weird cos so many other things are similarly priced to online or cheaper! Again, have decided to be virtuous.

So here's the current tally: S$111.30 + 573 = S$684.30

still to come, what I actually bought *hangs head*. Trying to decide if this needs to be deleted off my tally....

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