Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is it or isn't it?

I have been obsessed in the past with Balenciaga studded bags and even now I wouldn't totally rule out getting a rose gold giant hardware City, but whether it's me noticing them more or people actually buying them more often, there certainly seem to be a lot of Bals around! Like everyone and their mother seems to be toting one... which does slightly dampen my enthusiasm to get one.

And then came along this Bal.... a complete (well quite significant at least) departure from the house's modus operandi. At first I was seriously underwhelmed... I mean it's not really so very different in looks from a whole bunch of cheaper bags out there (for example, my Botkier), but then like Bagsnob noted, the bag kinda grows on you. I saw it in real life and the leather is just beautiful and soooo soft and smooshy (all the pics show the bag stuffed. I think if you take out the stuffing it'll look a lot less like a nesting hen). I could go to sleep on it! and strangely the chain strap which I wasn't super keen on is actually kinda cute and the colours add a little extra something. So now I'm wondering if maybe I should get this instead of the SC bag.... cos after all that, this is also cheaper. Tho on the other hand, the SC is more classic. Decisions decisions....

I leave you with one final picture in a different colour.

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