Sunday, August 8, 2010

you snooze you lose...

But sometimes the shopping gods give you a pass... like these Ann D. booties I'd been stalking. I'd been seriously obsessed with the Ann D. lace up booties which had been all over the blogsphere last year, but couldn't bring myself to pay almost US$1k for a pair of shoes. Of course, 6 months later, I'm kicking myself for not biting the bullet.

Then of course the shopping gods step in with a mixed blessing - first I see the absolutely stunning buckled iteration from S/S10. I mean how can you see the picture above and not start googling immediately?! But again they were way too expensive.... then they went on sale... and still I held off. And they went on futher discount, and shockingly, they still had my size and were a massive 65% off. And of course at that point, I asked A. if I should buy them and he proceeded to talk me out of it.

3 days later, riddled with regret, I check the site and my size has sold! I am now seriously bummed and kicking myself black and blue for missing a pair of Ann Ds yet again. Not to mention that ebay had them for $100 more than the sale price. Then comes the final piece of shopping god largess - an ebay voucher for $100 off any fashion purchase. So of course I buy them (cos I'm an idiot, but not a complete idiot) and seriously, they are the BEST! the leather is soooo soft and the shoes are seriously comfortable, not to mention they look absolutely kick ass! :)

modeling pics to come, I promise.

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