Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marni Madness

Marni's always been a brand I've liked for their accessories and shoes, but this season they've really outdone themselves. Their bags are just spot on trend and compared to the prices other houses are charging, theses are seriously cheap (I know someone who'll be rolling his eyes at that last statement). Looking over their offerings I feel like an overweight kid in a candy stores - I really shouldn't but I want them all!

First option is this mesenger/top handle satchel.

Pros: it's got 2 carry options (I checked, the top handle will fit over my shoulder); I've always loved the casual cross body look; lovely leather that's going to wear well.

Cons: It's not on discount (I realise it's only the start of the season but a girl can dream); It's maybe a bit too casual for work(?); the vibe is a lot like a number of my other bags - this is a common problem I have.

Second option: square shoulder bag

Pros: It isn't at all like the bags I have; it will fit a reasonable amount of stuff without looking like I've stuffed all my worldly possessions into it; it fits with my current more minimalist feeling (only in terms of dressing - and yes I do realise the irony of saying that you're going minimal by buying yet another bag!) and it'll also go with my dresses when I get over the minimalist look.
Cons: it's not on sale; I really don't need yet another bag even if it does fit a niche in my wardrobe. Actually that's it... there aren't many cons to this bag.

Also strangely Marni seems to be a lot cheaper in Europe. All the European sites I've checked have had significantly lower prices than the US ones.... that makes for a change!

So what should I do? Embrace my inner lady or go with the tried and true? I want to tell myself to just get both but that sounds a little bag crazy even to me :(

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